Brass Revival


Brass is back! Cast aside in modern decor of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, brass has been on the upswing for the past few years, and the team at SLC is taking major advantage of the warm and luxurious finish.

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We don’t like playing favorites, but it’s no secret that the team at SLC Interiors has a thing for the color blue.The versatile hue lends itself beautifully to the calming summer escapes we create for our clients on the cape, while in city homes certainly amps up the drama!

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Talking Tabletops Our favorite thing about dinnertime is that it brings loved ones together. During the week, families crowd around a good meal and revel in each other’s company as they slow down after a hectic day. On the weekends, friends share a glass of wine and a great story.  No matter the case, we … Continue reading TRADE TIPS: TALKING TABLETOPS

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Studio Spotlight: Herrick & White


The Evolution of Collaboration
Designers are dreamers at heart – give us a request, challenge, or limitation and watch the wheels start turning. From trace paper, to shop drawings, to finished product – the process is always an evolution of thought and a collaboration among a variety of skilled artisans. One of our favorite companies to collaborate with is the mill work shop of Herrick & White.

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How Should I Choose An Interior Designer?


When starting on a project, it is important to find the right interior design team.  In this video, Susanne talks about what to keep in mind when choosing who to work with.

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Design Diaries: Model Making 101 – Old School Vs. New School


In the world of interior design and architecture, there is no shortage of tools to assist in the design process.  In fact, as technology continues to evolve – so does our tool box.  So how do we decide when to use certain tools and what design aides are worth investing in?  For me, it usually comes down to the client and the design challenge.

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Design Diaries: Custom Expandable Dining Table


As you may or may not know, one of my favorite parts about the design process is working out the schematic to fulfill or even surpass a client’s spatial needs. Last fall, I got the design challenge of a lifetime when one of my favorite clients requested seating for 16 (yes 16) in her average-sized …

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